See the Savings

Solar is now more affordable than ever. And Go Solar can save you even more!

Federal and state tax incentives have been extended and the state rebate is still substantial, all of which can slash your final cost of owning a system by 60-70%.

Add to that the Go Solar discount: our partner installers have all dropped their prices by 10-15% for program participants.

The NY State rebate is holding steady at 40 cents/watt, meaning that right off the bat, your installer will take 40 cents/watt off your price. For a 10kW system, that's $4000. Then, there's the state tax credit/incentive of 25% (capped at $5000) and a federal tax credit/incentive of 30%.

There are many factors that go into the final cost for a particular system, but take a look at the example below to get a very general sense of how it all adds up.